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An accomplished songwriter and artist with placements in film and TV, Daddy HOP has released his debut Children’s Music album “All Over the World.”


A background in teaching and children’s theatre, Daddy HOP creates family-friendly music that inspires, educates, and empowers.


Faced with the challenges of crying, screaming, kicking, tossed broccoli, and all out terror tantrums that goes with the turf of daddy duties, Daddy HOP decided to activate Daddy Powers. “I needed a way to get my kids to cooperate while doing things they should’ve been thanking me for. You know like wiping their butts, feeding them, making sure they didn’t go flying through the windshield. I realized that if I incorporated my singing and comedy improv skills into parenting, changing a stinky diaper could be fun for us both.”  


There are songs about positive body image, girls empowerment, educational topics, outdoor fun, and the album has a central theme of traveling. “I wanted to create a project that informs kids about the world that exists beyond what’s outside of their window.”


The album features his band The Hay Bee Sea Crew which includes talented kid vocalists. It features a variety of musical styles including Hip-Hop, Reggae, Indie Pop, Jazz, and Kindie Rock. “It was important to me to create songs for kids and feature kids, but also adults are able to enjoy.”


Daddy HOP’s live shows are very energetic incorporating magic, dance, theater, and crowd participation through improv, call & response.

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