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All Over the World Track list:

1. Bye Bye Baby

2. Wake it Up

3. Swimming in the Pool

4. To the Jungle

5. Good Boy, Good Girl

6. Body Parts

7. All Over the World

8. I Like Being a Girl

9. Watch What I Do

10. Chuga-wuga Train

11. Letters of the Alphabet

12. Diaper Change

13. Taking a Bath

14. You Don't Have to be Perfect


All lyrics, melodies, and vocal arrangements by Adriohn Richardson



Tracks 2, 3, 6, 9, 11 Music composed and performed by Mario Campbell

Tracks 1, 4, 12 Music composed and performed by Taras Tkachenko

Tracks 5, 7, 8 Music composed and performed by Elias Serpa

Tracks 10, 13 Music composed and performed by Matthew A.C. Cohen

Track 14 Piano: Yakub Saputra, Drums: Philip Martin Jr., Bass: Anthony Crawford, Strings/Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Andrew Capone, Additional strings: Sam Ortolano



Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 lead vocals by Adriohn "Daddy HOP" Richardson

Tracks 1 and 8 additional vocals by Mirae Richardson

Track 2 lead vocals by Clayton Jackson, background vocals by Adriohn "Daddy HOP" Richardson, additional vocals by Carolyn Richardson

Track 8 lead and background vocals by Leilani Zaragoza, background vocals by Victoria Washington

Track 12 additional voices by Dax & Mikko Richardson

Track 14 Vocals by Coleen McMahon


CHILDREN'S CHORUS: Amanda Ruiz, Clayton Jackson, Gretchen Calder, Idalis McZeal, Kadah Binkley, Kaia Jones, Leah Black, Leilani Zaragoza, Mika Jaymes, Noa Brenner, Oliviana Marie, Victoria Smith, Victoria Washington 



Tracks 1-13 vocals recorded by Matt Pakucko at Romper Room Recording, Northridge, CA

Track 14 drums and bass recorded by Chad Wright at Mouse Trapp Studio, Granada Hills, CA

All songs mixed by Sydney Alston at Squidtopia Studio, Sylmar, CA *except track 8 mixed by Elias Serpa and Track 5 music mixed by Elias Serpa

All songs mastered by Ted Greenberg at Pacifique Studios, North Hollywood, CA *except track 8


Executive Director/Producer - Adriohn Richardson

Album Art Concept: Adriohn Richardson

Album artwork: Liz Nava

Daddy HOP logo design: Adriohn Richardson


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